I was trying BABA for while.  Finally, I got into trouble.  Here is case.

I strongly recommend to stick with Paypal dealing.  Culture is different.  Many dealers in BABA seems focusing money laundering.  Although Paypal is now focusing to cut rather expensive FX margin, they seems still escraw from eBay day is alive.  Ask seller to open deal in eBay and pay with PayPal.  US$100 is nothing, but not too little for PRC merchant to be able to keep honest.  Besides, problem is these merchant and their workers do not have enough knowledge and experience at what they deal and what they have.  So, 50MP webcam is the good example of current PRC market.
50MP = 50,000,000 = 6 X 3940 X 2160 = 6 X 4K or 2 X 4K if censor is RGB
Too, bad many seems ignoring or just can't understand how to count.  For buyers, that is acceptable.  But as seller, you have responsibilities to keep words.  Not in PRC, but in your local markets.  This 20MP and 50MP is excellent example as 2.0MP seems in somewhere turned into 20MP.  So, in this new PRC based world, 4K require 25GP.

The solution is simply keep your order bellow US$25.  Anything more will bring you in trouble.
USE LC or at least PayPal & eBay.  Paypal will make money using money while holding payment.  So, they will hold payment for you.  Unfortunately most of others including Yahoo and Amazon and of course BABA is little too busy make good numbers in record.  So, don't use it.  Well, I do agree it is too small.  But don't use it beyond US$25.  That is BABA's suggest.  AND US$100 is BABA's limit credit to merchants reliabilities.  We better stay in that limit.  Often these merchant seems no idea what are they doing except excellent ability to money laundering.  If it is from Singapore (free port), not via Singapore, you have good chance being in trouble (at least that was my case.  And I don't know who it was.  And don't know how to handle.  As exporter in custom invoice was fake.).

I don't think it does not take too long they contact and collect troubled item paying back your money in cash.  You know that is too excellent method to traffic illegal material.  Like some powder...
They don't go but we go jail.

So, this is the case I made mistake (or finally got result of my question.  Shall I rely on BABA or not).  Now I feel much happier as result came same as past experience as being among gem stone and metal dealers.  "Never exceed beyond handy usage to new Chinese (PRC business)."  Current society in PRC is just 30- years old after Mao's genocide called "cultural revolution".  They still can't see and can't understand logic basic behind current international market scene.

Anyway, I don't think other have to try and waste time like me.  So, I give quick evidence set (it is copy free and I gurantee it is real but I'm sure they will erase these data from my account in BABA).

So, this was initial offering


I know.  It looks strange as their 4G come with 2GB memory.  Problem was they were running fake manufaturor and price was right for sample lot (about US$60 more than regular 4GB wifi unit).  They also carry only strange stock like smart watch only.  So, I was amused and place order.

  • Built-in 3G and 4G LTE was supposed to be there
  • "about the  3G/4G chip for SIM net.this version on sale is not including it."
was the result.  Not mentioning they use some strange methods for shipping.  The seller is trouble maker, or just little merchant just hoping for easy small cash, that is not the point.  Running marketplace always face some bad merchant as abusors.  Question in real was BABA's capacity of handling cases.  And I have to give F to BABA.

voyofrom BABA-list

voyofrom BABA-detail

  Well, since I got other stuufs coming in I was just watching regular page (I'm not employed to watch BABA , I was just using it trying to save time and chance of trouble.)
  • I was waiting BABA to contact.
  • After 3 weeks, it seems like BABA noticed me that I have to upload video to their site since they could not watch what I sent.
  • The limit they gave was 6 days after 3 week wait.
  • I did recognized that after 2 weeks.
  So, problem is ...
  • BABA request consumer to pay same time and effort as PRC seller
  • If we took it, seller can ship anything, any way and any condition
  • So, BABA is behaving PRC though NY stock company
So, limiting US$25 per order shall save most troubles and we still need to use HK agent or LC if it is beyond US$100.  I'm feel quite sorry since most of merchant was too honest and running too hard for just fraction of money.  But, BABA can not use in any serious purpose as BABA expect us to run same for these small cash.

BABA own Xiami and Xiami is still not paying any copyright fee to out of PRC sorce copyrighted material.  So, may be I have to conclude that BABA have no intention to follow rules outside of PRC. 

This is MIT.  You can use to explain your customer why they should buy from you.