I should check Intel Graphics For Linux better.
  • I was rejecting Intel Driver not supplying enough trust
  • They supply kernel 4.2 which should be enough for Intel Android
  • These driver cover both N3150 and N3700
  • These should be avoid Ubuntu 14.04, only support starting 15.04
  I might be wrong, but since intel platform is not my scope (actually, I'm escaping from it to ARM paying price.  Only because it is far unstable.)
While my immediate graphic target is Mali 400MP on AllWinner, the only reason I picked up this target Orange PI PC was...
  • fastest 1.6GHz 4 core board
  • Price
  I'm more than happy to move either
  • Banana PI BRI-M3 (octa core, looks better chance than CubieBoard4/CC-A80 which price is higher than N3700 and performance should be significantly low)
  • Raspberry Pi 2 (if fast enough)
  So, I just have to live with xvfb on these intel SoC or use Windows.  Anyway, I should spend more time with MALI OpenGL ES2.0 emulator than fighting with Intel X.

So now, my headless Ubuntu 15.04 is ready on,
  • ASRock N3150-ITX (from failed installation petterns, I'm quite sure it also will work on N3700)
  • Orange PI mini 2 (waiting Orange PI PC sample, but it will do)
mainly because these Linux and BSD I tried, never bother to check USB bus connection.  These installers and drivers just try to figure which device match classic 1 CD 1 HD PC configuration.
Well, since I spend more time on SSH connection, maybe I should go back to C# programing.
  As far as I don't use Time in Windows, it should be fine.

  Funny thing is I will rely on NetBSD running on Raspberry PI B
and try Raspberry PI 2 B for NTP, backup server and other security and session related critical mission.  Now I found not only Microsoft, but also Intel lower end is not countable as reasonable stable commodities.  So, these will stay at commanding post quite long like British Officers in early last century.  While burning out high speed soldiers like Orange PI PC will run and replaced.

This article's copyright goes Akitsugu Tomisawa but riabilities stays with me, Yoshiyuki Yamaguchi.  As I owe some cash fto him. 


  White house's propaganda about meeting with Putin was revealed not true by Russian embassy, rather too obviously.  As time passed by after WW2 has finished, sound of 'Amerca' as icon is fading out.
  US baby boomers' contribution to fill the gap between US and rest of the world was great.  US and Japan lead production spread from industrial countries and made world considerably equal place.
  • I remember Germans only give half chewing gum strip to porters in Moscow, in 80s.
  • I remember Michlin tire factoy on gulf of Thailand togather with refinary dripping dirty water which you can find as dark sand till satthahip even today.
  • I still remember bombing every week and armed force guarding every corner in Europe in 70s.

  World became significant better place to live for majority of people living in.  I don't see any empty food supply shop without merchandise and full of people waiting, for last decade.  It means both I could not make much money abd my job to supply to fill basic demand is done.

  I don't know where world goes after these basic hunger for goods supply is gone.  As gap of life is gone, people's demand is also decreasing as lust is gone.  I just know technology will start going on, again.  Gap between US and rest was too big as life in Versailles and life in Sicily before Napoleon.  World is getting together but not that fast as wish of DC nor Wall St.

  You are still sing same "There's A Boat Dat's Leavin' Soon For New York", but first, listner did not buy it as they could not imagine.  Then you got some.  And now you are singing to those who prefered to stay, and difference and attraction got smaller.

  After hit by inflation (by flooding currency metal from new world) and depression (rise of production by technological advance and product coming from new world) lead Europe (or civilized human world in Christian or Roman says) lead to castrophe (or bubble to non red color produced too much percentage of social victims).  Then Christian order was charanged by order throwing Bolsheviks and picked up modern crusades idea called "Nazi".  Nation Nippon rised as copy of Christian CIVILIZED world.  As candidate Mr. Donald Trump got more popularity (Don't take it wrong, I love him.  He remind me the days, when there was order is the world although my rank as not white nor Christian, was not high at all, still was high enough than most of the third world people to take advantage of them.)  But that time is over.  At least candidate Trump is much honest and understandable than elected Obama.

  First, I got that attack in Paris in 70s, massive production by Japanese Electronics companies took jobs of many European workers, I still remember hiding days avoiding rather violent demonstrator (riot in today's standard) lying saying "I'm Chinese".
  Master - Slave, originated from Romans - non citizen relationship period is over since technology got high enough to overcome most theme when financial rewards got focused enough (I can't forget international Human genome project was thrown by US venture by making machine breaking nuclear membrane by shooting in gold).  Technology got high enough after long time since 2 major inventor (TNT inventing Nobel and automated fire arm inventor Browning) made war little too bloody.

  For us, Japanese things started after bombing Kagoshima (my born city) by British fleet in 1863.  Shimazu decided to revolt against feudal court system under Shogun, chasing modern European technology and system.  You know rest of the story.  Peoples have different concept of the same world.  They typically, need 3 generations (pick up, follow and advance, over run and reach returning point) initial biblating periods when facing with DIFFERENT view of the world.  Not denying outside world's value alone take two generations.

So, relax and get ready to face no growth in consumption, I do believe we are back into balancing phase, when life got more comfortable with no growth of production.  It just means technology took about 6 generations to spread and start balancing again.  Moving of people and products are quite probably, just got peaked out.  Dollar start becoming just another foreign money from only good money to buy dream items in many countries, which menas becoming much easier to control US domestic society system, again.  (Expansion of market haved filled with USD start ceasing growth rate).

funny, typing nano or... is much easier but not too differ from echo xxx > file...   Maybe just tty CON got bit too old.  Test install of ISO image of Ubuntu 15.04 is keep falling mostly by X, with VNC, RDP maybe I just better stick to SSH, TTY and xvfb.  Also monitoring and managing interpreter (mostly python) invoked process have to think....  They leave dead process and object which is not accessible and just can kill.

This article's copyright goes Akitsugu Tomisawa but riabilities stays with me, Yoshiyuki Yamaguchi.  As I owe some cash fto him.

とりあえず、apt-get install gnomeをかけてみた。
/usr/bin/mandb: can't write to /var/cache/man/15078: No space left on device

Error getting authority: Error initializing authority: Error calling StartServiceByName for org.freedesktop.PolicyKit1: Timeout was reached (g-io-error-quark, 24)
Failed to execute operation: Connection timed out
dpkg: error processing package systemd (--unpack):
 subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1
Processing triggers for ureadahead (0.100.0-19) ...
Processing triggers for fontconfig (2.11.1-0ubuntu6) ...
Processing triggers for install-info (5.2.0.dfsg.1-6) ...
Processing triggers for sgml-base (1.26+nmu4ubuntu1) ...
Errors were encountered while processing:
E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)





This article's copyright goes Akitsugu Tomisawa but riabilities stays with me, Yoshiyuki Yamaguchi.  As I owe some cash fto him.


  • ASRock N3150-ITX
  • Ubuntu 15.04 NetBoot amd64

ASRock のUSBと、Ubuntuインストーラの相性ですね。ま、判れば問題無いです。


  • DOSPARAさんをはじめサードウェーブさん系統の扱い品には正規代理店2年保証が付いていないです。(今後の調達は、九十九で補償付けてN3700Mを買うことにしました。DDR3 SO-DIMMを16GB載せました。作る起動ディスクが16GB予定なので、完全に冗談ですね。)
  • microSDカード 16GB SAMSUNG PRO
  • ELECOM カードリーダライタ
  • Ubuntu 15.04のUSB起動イメージ


  • 起動できるUSBポート(INTEL SoC直結、イーサネットの下)に、イメージを作成するUSBドライブを刺さない
  • 起動できないUSBポート(ASRock増設分)に、イメージを作成するUSBドライブを刺して、インストールが終わったら差し替える



  • OpenSSH Server 以外を選択しない(死んでるパッケージもあり、混乱しました)
  • /etc/ssh/sshd_configをサラッと編集(PermitRootLogin without-password行の先頭で#コメントアウトを加えて、PermitRootLogin yes行を加える。因みにOpenSSHでエディタはnanoが使える。結構無駄コマンド叩きますよね・・・環境変わると)
  • で、rootにpasswdして、SSH接続確認。でサラッとユーザーを殺す。(僕の好みはrootのパスワードrootだけを残して他を殺す。消し忘れてバックドアを残すだけ。そもそも特定MACアドレス以外を検知したらそのネットワークは死んでいる。僕10Base5の人なんで・・・めんどくさいの嫌い。そういう仕事はルーターに任せるしかないってNovellとAppleに昔々教わった気がする。)

さて、xvfbでheadless seleniumは動くんでしょうか?もともと参考にしたサイトではraspberry piでDebianでできてたけど、amd64のDebianでは動かなかったからねえ・・・



  • インタプリタ型pyhon の仕様で、正常終了でもメモリとプロセスを開放しないようだ。
  • FireFoxが乗ってるxvfbに依存していてくれて、xvfbをkillしてやれば死ぬようだから


  • 定期的にSSHプロセスをつないでいく
  • 定期的にxvfbとSSHdをkillする


  • 最初から2Top3Systemで組んで、HourlyにマシンごとREBOOTさせるべきか?

さて、BackupとOrange PIイメージとのSyncして・・・・少しさぼるか

This article's copyright goes Akitsugu Tomisawa but riabilities stays with me, Yoshiyuki Yamaguchi.  As I owe some cash fto him.